Floor Sanding & Refinishing

Sanding  is the first process to be carried out before applying any product to your wood, and is by far the hardest part of the process, you need to have the machines, one that will sand the big areas is called by professionals “big machine” works with a drummer  and is pretty heavy to maneuver, the other machine you need is a edger sander, to sand as the name says the edges where the big machine can not reach,  also  three different grit sand papers for each of the machines, you will start with the larger grain sand paper which is the smaller number 36-grit sand all area then move to second finishing with the finest grit to close so you have at the end smooth surface,  all dirt, wax, scratches and imperfections most be removed from the floor, leaving the wood raw and with its natural beautiful tone that’s when you are ready for the next step. Application of sealer, this is a clear product that is used to close the grains of the wood and is recommended if you will follow by polyurethane, in the other hand if you will apply stain which I do not recommend you do, you should leave this task to a professionals the application of stain is very tricky and not something you will get done right the first time, if you mess up (most likely you will)  you will be force to call a pro to once again sand your floor that will take another layer of wood from your floor resulting in shorter life to your wood, if you are doing a renovation to sell your house maybe you won’t care but the professional will charge more to fix a diy gone bad, because the labor to sand and get rid of fresh stain is more.

In conclusion my advice is  apply just wood sealer and once dry a good quality polyurethane, there are water based and oil based both are good it also called Varnish
Polyurethane Varnish

there is many different finishes depending on trends and tastes from High Gloss to super satin.
Before the application of Sealer and Poly the area must be completely clean from any dust make sure you vacuum trough and the heater or ac depending on the weather should be on.

If you are looking to get your floors stained find  trained professionals with extensive experience for Hardwood Floor Refinishing ( https://wixflooring.com/ ) that will ensure a final quality result, not only protecting your floor but enhancing the beauty of your type of wood.

Search for a company in your area that can evaluate your hardwood floors and provide a quote many do it just with pictures today’s technology has make our lives easier many floor contractors will  ask you to send pictures and boom! you have a quote to plan your budget.

Get in touch with a company that really understands the subject and has qualified labor, ask if  is properly equipped with the best products on the market and appropriate equipment. They should be able as well to clarify all your doubts and tell you which process is most suitable for your type of floor.

Always ask about  payment terms, time frame to complete your project, insurance and if required in your state License, is alwa Request a free quote, we will be happy to serve you!

hardwood floor refinishing
hardwood floor refinishing

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Recoating your hardwood floor

Different from Refinishing, Recoat is some how similar to a Cleaning process but done  with machine and application of  poly, without sanding the floor all the way to the bare wood, this process is done with a buffer, sanding just the top layer of the polyurethane  without removing imperfections, such as deep scratches and unevenness. Only wax  dirt and as I said before the top layer of varnish are removed from the floors.  after that a new coat of polyurethane is applied It can be done room by room, and it takes just one day if done by a professional.

Any hardwood Floor can use a recoat after few years of use that will keep your floor looking nice longer before having to refinish them, it will extend the life of your wood floor , the less you refinish them the better only do so when is definitely need it, why? because it removes a part of the wood. Some places that are hundreds of years old still have the original floors because they have been well take care of, and not sanded many times, so if your floor just looks dull a Recoat is the best option.



How to Clean Hardwood Floors


To clean wooden floors, start by sweeping the floor with a broom with soft bristles, to avoid scratching the floor. Another better option is using a  vacuum cleaner,

Clean Sweep LA  is a company that provides top-quality cleaning services for residential and commercial clients and they as other cleaning companies know the products to use and not to use on any kind of floor.

experienced cleaning professionals.

how does a cleaning company usually works? On the day of your cleaning  employees  arrive, prepared with all the cleaning products and equipment they’ll need. Remember, to check if they have license and make sure they won’t sub-contract the job.

You can get the job done your self  and clean your wood floors safely,  other wise what would it be of a middle class house hold having to hire cleaning services all the time!

This are some steps you can follow, after sweeping the floor, wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Choose a disinfectant suitable for wooden floors and check the label instructions to put the right measure.
Place the indicated amount in a bucket with the corresponding amount of water. Dip the floor cloth or broom mop in the solution and wring out a lot, removing excess liquid.
Gently wipe the floor, taking care not to get the surface wet, and then dry it with a cotton cloth.
Wooden floors can receive a layer of wax as long as it is in small quantities. After waxing, the floor must be rubbed lightly with the help of a soft flannel. Be sure to read the guidelines on the labels of the products you buy.