Fast and odorless drying!
Ideal for residential environments with little circulation.
Its formula creates a transparent film that enhances and protects the natural texture of the wood.

Wood bleaching involves the use of a water-based solution and other chemicals.
This solution will lighten the floor until the desired tone is achieved.

To start the bleaching, a scraping that removes resins and varnishes and old caulking is necessary.

The market offers a range of options for the floor or for its recovery,
giving all the beauty and naturalness of the wood.
Your floor is like new again!

Only after 24 hours of application Polyurethane. The floor will be cleared for use. It is not advisable to place loose rugs before 90 (ninety) days.

If any liquid is spilled on Polyurethane, it should be removed immediately with a dry cloth and if it happens to be stained, remove with a slightly damp cloth

The caulk at the junction between boards or boards will come off easily, if these joints are too open or are new boards or boards.

The conservation of the floors (laminates) is very simple, only a slightly damp cloth.

The use of doormats at the entrance to the environment is recommended.

Protect the floor against heavy traffic and heavy objects.

Do not use newspapers to protect the new floor.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Fast and drying poly!

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